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Honey Child Music's InSchool Programs are more than just music...

Research shows that learning the do-re-MIS can help children excel in ways beyond the basic ABCs.

Our InSchool music and movement programs offer a variety of fun filled weekly activities with numerous

educational benefits to your School and its students. We will help keep your school Rockin’ with

a music-rich experience for children of singing, listening, dancing and creative movement. We at Honey

Child Music are certified music teachers who are tuned into each child, teaching the infinite joys of Early

Childhood Music by bringing our award winning music programs conveniently to your School location.

Our programs include:

This program teaches the elements of music while children sing, play, create, explore, and move. Group playing using percussion instruments introduces numerous parts for students to play as an ensemble which brings a more developed sense of timing, listening skills and teamwork.

This is an all inclusive music course with songs and lyrics that encourage young children to sing and play simultaneously. Children are gently introduced to note and rhythm notation through the repetition of note patterns and simple rhythms in each. Through ear training activities, children learn to distinguish different pitches, listen and clap simple rhythm patterns, and play music with an even tempo.

This program is designed to introduce kids to fun songs from a variety of Genres including: Broadway, Rock, Jazz to Pop, teach simple choreography, expose children to enjoyable age appropriate games to help develop their listening skills, body awareness, balance, grace, social skills and singing skills.

The idea behind Wee Drum is to share our rhythmical connection through; poetry, songs, a rhythm, a story, breathing…anything that connects us to rhythm. The experience is collaborative and collective and builds a great sense of community. We use many percussion instruments such as djembes, guiros, shakers, tambourines, jingle bells, rain sticks, cowbells and other props including parachutes, balls, puppets and dancing scaves.

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Award Winning

Music Education Program based on creative, early childhood studies and innovative practices.

joyful and game-like

The learning atmosphere is full of singing, dancing, and instrument playing, with stories, props, puppets, and imagination!


A yearly recital is tentatively scheduled with date to be announced, participation is encouraged.